Loaction of Yoden (allegedly) taken on a recent walk through the snow.

Recently I’m being asked why ‘Yoden Images’? Great question so I thought I’d do a little journal entry and explain. It also seems a good way to get the journal section of this new website going. So why? The short answer is that Yoden is an abandoned/lost medieval village close to where I live. You’ll still find Yoden popping up in various forms in local place-names etc, there is even a school with the name. I love how history can linger down through the generations in names so it seemed the perfect fit.

The village is commonly believed to be close to our home in what is now a field which is actually designated a park area. In fact, we often ride past it on one of our ‘exercise’ bike ride routes, although that location of the village has recently been called into question. Regardless the historical records definitely show that a settlement called Yoden (or a variation of that name) was close by. There was also definitely a settlement in that field (it’s investigated by archaeologists) although there is not much left to see after the earthworks were deliberately ploughed out in the 1970s.

The site is mostly just ‘field’ now but it’s popular with dog walkers. We met these lovely dogs on our walk and I was delighted to get a fuss from the dogs before them moved on.

I’m not sure if I hope this particular abandoned settlement or village was Yoden or not. The other possibility is that it’s the original location of Horden, which now starts at the bottom of the field, and that the village relocated at some point. If that is the case then the true location of Yoden is unknown but likely to be within a few miles. This fills me with all sorts of romantic ideas of ghostly villages under the soil just out of sight waiting to be rediscovered. Of course, the reality is that the remains have probably long since disappeared and my vision of happy villagers was more likey people in abject poverty trying to survive.

The Durham Heritage Coast is mainly known for its industrial coal mining heritage but if you look a little bit closer there is so much more to the story. So that’s why ‘Yoden Images’, to remind me to keep looking that little bit closer…

If anyone would like to learn more here’s the link to the local Peterlee Town Council page on the settlement and also the Yoden Village Report which they commissioned in 2004.